Our services

Coverage Assessment

How do we assess the ideal cover to suit your personal and business exposures? It is about getting to know you and your business. From there you can leave it to us.

You will receive a comprehensive coverage assessment by our experienced and skilled Account Managers to establish whether your existing level of cover reflects your current exposures.

Being a proud member of the Steadfast group, we have access to a range of resources which have been specifically developed for our broker network. Broking tools, legal support, education resources and technical assistance help keep the professional credentials of our staff.

This ensures we are perfectly placed to give you the most relevant, informed, and up to date advice.

This therefore enables us to tailor a comprehensive insurance program for you to safeguard your personal and business interests, no matter how complex or unique.

Claims assistance

We understand that making an insurance claim can be unsettling and time consuming. That’s why we take care to minimise the stress for our clients, providing personalised and supportive service during the time you need us most.

Our promise to you is that your claim will be processed efficiently by our designated Claims Specialist, who will promptly resolve your claim and allow you to get back on your feet with confidence.

We add value to our clients